GMP Registration Process

The GMP registration process consists of these stages.

1.       Our expert auditors visit the conveniences and assess:

·        Personnel

·        Physical plant and grounds

·        Equipment and utensils

·        Production and process control systems

·        Holding and distribution

·        Return of product

·        Product complaints

·        Records and recordkeeping

·        Recall procedures

2.       We email a confidential audit statement and corrective action report (CAR) showing non-conformances to the customer.

3.       The customer submits CAR responses through the private GMP Online site, and NSF reviews the responses.

4.       Once GMP Certification approves all CARs, we send the NSF GMP registration certificate to the customer.

5.       The company is then listed on the GMP Certification GMP listings page and in the GMP Source Guide.

6.       GMP Certification marketing team can work straight with the company to promote its capability registration to the public.

7.       The entire audit and CAR response/submission/approval process is completed twice per annum to continue the registration.